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We hope you get the results you've been hoping for!

Results Day can be many things, but above all we wanted to remind you to be proud of what you've acheived. This has been a tough year for everyone, so whatever your result, celebrate! This marks the end of a chapter of your life, remember what's been and get excited about what's to come!

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The UK needs more than three million skilled people in technology careers by 2025


Of apprentices say the Microsoft Apprenticeship Network provides experience that is really valued by employers


The average salary for qualified programmers and software development professionals.


The Microsoft Apprenticeship Connector is a partnership between GetMyFirstJob and Microsoft to help people find the amazing range of digital apprenticeships which are available with Microsoft’s partners and customers. On this platform, you will find opportunities across different industries and with employers large and small. The one thing they all have in common is that through the apprenticeship programme you will be using, and learning, about Microsoft technologies to help you grow your career.

These apprenticeships include training resources from Microsoft which will help you work towards Microsoft certifications, as well as your apprenticeship qualification. Microsoft certifications are recognised by employers around the world.

All of these programmes are delivered by Microsoft Learning Partners. They offer a range of opportunities to start and progress a tech career, from IT Support and Software Developer to Data Analyst and Network Engineer. So, take some time to explore the amazing range of apprenticeship opportunities in the digital world. Sign up now, and we’ll keep you up to date with opportunities in your area.


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